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How to use ICINO AI xBot

ICINOIA has developed four different versions of our ICINO AI Bot.

  1. ICINO AI Cbot: A chatbot powered by GPT technology and trained with ICINO Capital’s proprietary data, serving as a mentor to help unlock everyone’s potential for a prosperous fortune.
  2. ICINO AI Abot: A chatbot powered by GPT technology, utilizing the ICINO Academy model and trained with ICINO Academy’s data, can serve as a mentor to help individuals unlock their potential in the field of innovation education.
  3. ICINO AI Ebot: A chatbot powered by GPT technology, equipped with the ICINO Entrepreneurship model and trained using ICINO Entrepreneurship data, serves as a mentor to guide individuals in realizing their potential for innovation entrepreneurship.
  4. ICINO AI Pbot: A chatbot equipped with GPT technology and trained using ICINO Policy data, designed to serve as a mentor and guide for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding and potential in policy innovation.

To operate each ICINO AI Bot, please adhere to the following steps:

  1. Membership: The ICINO AI Bot is exclusively available to members, and each bot has its own distinct model and specialization. Members must select the appropriate member level that corresponds to the specific ICINO AI Bot they wish to use. For instance, to access the ICINO AI Cbot, a member must choose the ICINO AI Cbot member level.
  2. Payment: Members have the option to select either an automatic payment method through Paypal or a manual transaction via Wechat or Alipay.
    • Paypal: HomeICINO AI CBOT or ICINO AI ABOT or ICINO AI EBOT or ICINO AI PBOTJoin NowSelectAccount InformationPaypalMembership
    • Wechat or Alipay: HomeICINO AI CBOT or ICINO AI ABOT or ICINO AI EBOT or ICINO AI PBOTJoin NowSelectAdd Wechat(ID:JoyICINO)—Pay(give username and email)—Manually dealMembership
  3. Login and Use: HomeMembershipUsername or EmaillPasswordLoginICINO AI CBOT.

Please note that the policy for token limitations applies equally to all members, just as it does for ChatGPT and embedding database.

Wechat or Alipay are invited to join our Wechat group.

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