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ICINO Capital Opportunities

Opportunities sources:

  1. Listed companies, key high-tech enterprises supported by the national “Torch Program”, provincial postdoctoral innovation practice bases, industry technology innovation demonstration enterprises, and China’s top 500 enterprises.
  2. High-tech enterprises, specialized and innovative enterprises, acquiring overseas companies, expanding group business areas, accelerating international strategic layout. Currently, the group owns 9 domestic subsidiaries and 4 overseas subsidiaries.
  3. State-owned enterprises, having completed more than 500 major scientific and technological achievements, winning 257 science and technology awards at the municipal level and above, including 6 National Invention Awards, 16 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, 19 awards at the National Science Conference, and 144 awards at the ministerial and provincial levels. It has been recognized as a “specialized and innovative small giant enterprise”, “national high-tech enterprise”, and “national intellectual property demonstration enterprise”.


  1. 上市公司、国家火炬计划重点高新技术企业、省博士后创新实践基地、行业技术创新示范企业、中国企业500强。
  2. 高新技术企业、专精特新企业,收购海外公司,拓宽集团业务领域,加速国际化战略布局,目前,集团已拥有9家国内子公司,4家海外子公司。
  3. 国有独资企业、累计完成500多项重大科技成果,获地市级以上的科技成果奖257项,其中国家发明奖6项,国家科技进步奖16项,全国科学大会奖19项,部省级科技进步奖144项。先后获得“专精特新小巨人企业” “国家高新技术企业” “国家知识产权示范企业”。


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