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The ICINO Model Canvas of a Company

ICINO Model Canvas

Zhao Xiahui developed the ICINO Model Canvas to provide a comprehensive understanding of a CINO in the global innovation ecosystem. This model consists of 10 modules as follows:

The Case Study of ICINO Model Canvas

Here’s an example of how the ICINO Model Canvas can be applied in a company.

Title: Establishing a successful foundation for the growth of Fortune 500 companies. Designer: Zhao Xiahui Date: 3th July, 2022 Version: V1.0

  • 1.Who
    • The developers of innovation capabilities for organic growth in Fortune 500 companies.
    • Enterprise innovation ecosystem architect: connecting various business departments to break information silos and collaborate with external resources for innovation.
    • Corporate innovation culture changers:openness, transparency, honesty, collaboration, courage, tolerance for mistakes.
    • Enterprise Innovation Pioneer: Exploring the Undefined and Uncertain Future.
    • Researcher of enterprise innovation methods: research and demonstrate new business growth solutions and development paths, laying the foundation for success.
    • Enterprise Innovation Mentor: Discovering innovative talents, training innovation abilities, and guiding innovative practices.
    • Enterprise innovation investment and financing advisor: budgeting, investing in innovation projects.
  • 2.Benchmarks
    • ISO56002.
    • CEN/TS 16555.
    • International and domestic standards in the industry to which the enterprise belongs.
    • CINOs of Fortune 500 companies.
    • ICINO Model Canvas.
  • 3.Customers
    • CEO.
    • Executive management team of a company.
    • Innovation management team led by the CINO.
    • Members of innovation projects in various departments of the company.
    • Internal and external collaborative innovation entities.
  • 4.Key Responsibilities
    • Cultivating a culture of innovation within the enterprise: fostering the collective awareness, understanding, learning, and participation in collaborative innovation.
    • Enterprise Innovation Strategic Planning: Building a strategic development plan for organic growth innovation capabilities in enterprises.
    • Enterprise innovation management system construction: organizational structure, policies and systems, processes, tools.
    • Enterprise innovation management team building: from discovering innovative potential talents, gradient training team: innovation engineers, innovation managers, innovation directors, chief innovation officer.
    • Enterprise innovation capability system construction: planning to cultivate innovative skills for the future, enhancing innovation performance in various business positions.
    • Identifying new opportunities for the future: collecting, analyzing, and validating various ideas, exploring the most effective business opportunities.
    • Incubation of innovation outcomes: based on new opportunity schemes, research and develop new products/new services, and transform outcomes into commercial applications.
    • Innovation investment and financing: Investment in budget proposals for innovation projects within the enterprise, as well as the introduction of external venture capital funds.
    • Enterprise innovation ecosystem construction: building an enterprise innovation ecosystem to ensure organic growth of the enterprise.
  • 5.Requirements
    • Advanced professional degree in innovation, advanced professional degree in industry field.
    • Advanced innovation project management experience.
    • Cross-enterprise, investment institution, and consulting innovation project management experience.
    • Innovation project management experience across state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, joint ventures, and private enterprises.
    • Experience in cross-border, cross-cultural project management innovation.
    • Experience in innovation investments related to the industry.
    • Obtain certification in CINO training and assessment.
  • 6.Innovation Processes
    • Strategy innovation process: building corporate innovation strategy.
    • Policy innovation process: Establishment of new enterprise innovation management system norms.
    • Innovation management process: The management process of implementing corporate innovation strategies.
    • Organizational innovation process: New Chief Innovation Officer team organizational structure.
    • Innovation process for human resources: innovative introduction of leadership talent.
    • Brand innovation process: embedding corporate brand culture into innovation culture.
    • Technology innovation process: Introduction and innovation of new technologies for enterprise products/services.
    • Product innovation process: Enterprise new product/new service research and development.
    • Market innovation process: New customer development for enterprises, innovation in the supply chain of raw material markets, etc.
    • Process innovation process: Incremental innovation of various business processes in enterprises and the addition of new business processes.
    • Business model innovation process: Innovation of core values, key resources, technology, market, partners, and main business activities in the business model.
    • Investment innovation process: Innovation of investment and financing for enterprise.
  • 7.Innovation Resources
    • National/Regional Innovation Policy: Supporting innovation and early investment in industry for businesses, protecting intellectual property rights.
    • Enterprise innovation management system: ensuring sustainable development of innovation.
    • Innovation team led by Chief Innovation Officer.
    • Enterprise Innovation Special Fund.
    • Innovation laboratory base and equipment and system.
    • Innovation mentor, industry expert, investment consultant, policy advisor.
    • International Collaborative Innovation Network: Information, Talent, Projects, Market, Funds, Policies.
  • 8.Innovation OKRs
    • Goal: Build the innovation capability to ensure organic growth of enterprises.
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  • 9.Development
    • International Chief Innovation Officer.
    • Director of New Business Company.
    • Group company new business director.
    • International innovation degree continuing education.
    • ICINO LAB Consultant: Global Enterprise Innovation Consultant.
  • 10.Revenue Structure
    • Salary, performance, annual bonus, benefits.
    • New company equity.
    • Publication of enterprise innovation achievements, participation in competitions, and qualifications for honors.
    • Enterprise innovation management skills, experience, and achievements.
    • International and domestic professional resources for innovation (information, talent, projects, markets, funds, policies).
    • International and domestic industry forums and networking opportunities, as well as media interview opportunities.

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