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The ICINO Model Canvas of an Investment Bank

ICINO Model Canvas

Zhao Xiahui developed the ICINO Model Canvas to provide a comprehensive understanding of a CINO in the global innovation ecosystem. This model consists of 10 modules as follows:

The Case Study of ICINO Model Canvas

Here’s an example of how the ICINO Model Canvas can be applied in an investment bank.

Title: Invest in people who are truly trying to change the world. Designer: Zhao Xiahui Date: 3th July, 2022 Version: V1.0

  1. Who
    • Architects of the urban financial innovation ecosystem: Bringing together innovators, college students, bank employees, entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators, etc.
    • City Financial Innovation Culture Transformer: The city culture that can nurture people who can change the world.
    • Urban financial innovation pioneer: redefining banking.
    • Urban financial innovation method researchers: How to identify the X factor that changes the world.
    • City financial innovation mentor: guide each theme group to innovate and practice.
    • City financial innovation investment and financing consultant: Banks’ investments and external capital such as SkyBridge Capital in innovation projects.
  2. Benchmarks
    • ISO56002
    • CEN/TS 16555
    • International and domestic standards in the financial industry.
    • Chief Innovation Officer of the Fortune 500 investment bank.
    • ICINO  Model Canvas.
  3. Customers
    • President of the bank group.
    • Banking group senior executive team.
    • Innovation management team led by the city’s Chief Innovation Officer.
    • Members of the various innovation project teams of the city bank.
    • City Bank Collaborative Innovation Partner.
    • Bank regulatory authority.
  4. Key Responsibilities
    • Fostering an innovation culture: Convergence, exchange, and creation of diverse innovation elements between financial and non-financial sectors in a city.
    • Innovation Strategic Planning: Changing the World through Urban Financial Innovation Development Strategy.
    • Establishment of an innovation management system: organizational structure, policies and regulations, processes, tools.
    • Innovation management team building: cultivating and building an innovation management team: innovation engineers, innovation project managers, innovation directors, chief innovation officers.
    • Building an innovation capability system: training, practice, and evaluation of urban financial innovation capabilities.
    • Identifying opportunities to change the future of the world, collecting creative ideas, and exploring experiments.
    • Incubation of innovation achievements: establish various theme groups to develop urban financial innovation opportunities and promote the application of achievement transformation.
    • Innovation investment and financing: combining urban venture capital with external VCs to invest in innovation opportunities.
    • Innovation ecosystem network construction: building a city financial innovation ecosystem that changes the world.
  5. Requirements
    • Advanced innovation degree, advanced finance degree.
    • Advanced financial innovation project management experience.
    • Innovation project management experience in the fields of finance, technology, and investment.
    • Innovation project management experience for institutions with different ownership structures such as state-owned banks, foreign banks, joint venture banks, and privately-owned banks.
    • Cross-national, cross-cultural experience in innovation project management.
    • Innovation investment experience in the financial industry.
    • Obtaining the Chief Innovation Officer professional training and assessment certification.
  6. Innovation Processes
    • Strategic Innovation Process: Changing the World’s Urban Financial Innovation Development Strategy.
    • Policy innovation process: Rules of urban financial innovation ecosystem.
    • Innovation management process: Urban financial innovation management process.
    • Organizational Innovation Process: New City Chief Innovation Officer Organizational Structure.
    • Human Resources Innovation Process: Introducing innovative strategic talents and partners who change the world.
    • Brand Innovation Process: Embedding innovation culture in the CITI Bank Group brand.
    • Technology Innovation Process: Introducing financial technology innovation.
    • Product Innovation Process: Innovation in financial product equipment and services.
    • Market Innovation Process: Expanding into new financial service markets.
    • Process Innovation Process: Innovation in various business processes of urban finance.
    • Business Model Innovation Process: Innovation of core values, key resources, technology, market, partners, and major business activities of urban finance business models.
    • Investment Innovation Process: Innovation in CITI Bank Group’s investment banking business.
  7. Innovation Resources
    • National/Regional Innovation Policies: Support for innovation and early investment in the financial sector, protection of intellectual property rights.
    • Bank Group Innovation Management System: Ensuring the sustainable development of internal innovation.
    • Innovation Team: Professional innovation management talent guarantee.
    • Innovation Fund: Investment by banks and external venture capital funds.
    • Innovation Experiment Equipment and Systems: Equipment and systems for research, experimentation, testing, and operational trials of new financial products and services in urban areas.
    • Innovation Advisors: Industry experts, financial technology experts, innovation mentors, investment advisors, financial policy advisors.
    • Innovation Base: Innovation venue for urban financial innovation experiments.
    • International Collaborative Innovation Network: CITI Bank financial innovation network channels and resources (information, talent, technology, market, funding, policy.)
  8. Innovation OKRs
    • Goal: Building a city financial innovation ecosystem that changes the world.
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  9. Development
    • Global Chief Innovation Officer of the Group.
    • Director of the New City Financial Services Company.
    • Director of the Investment Bank of the Bank Group.
    • International professional degree in innovation.
    • Advisor to the ICINO LAB: Global Financial Innovation Advisor.
  10. Revenue Structure
    • Salary, performance, annual bonus, benefits.
    • Equity of an investment bank target.
    • Publication of financial innovation achievements, qualification for competition honors.
    • Financial innovation management skills, experience, achievements.
    • International and domestic financial innovation resources (information, talents, projects, market, funds, policies.)
    • International and domestic financial industry forum and exchange opportunities, media interview opportunities.

The CINO of CITI City Bank

We recommend an interview with the CINO of CITI City Bank. Click the picture to access the video.

Video source: Youtube.

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