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What is the value of the ICINO Index to the innovation economy?


    Nobel Prize winners in economics, such as Schultz and Becker, proposed the theory of human capital, which promoted the development of the industrial economy towards a knowledge economy. Their research, along with that of other scholars, shows that in stock market investments, the estimation of future market value is an assessment of the performance of human capital in the future.


    Based on this reasoning, in the global innovation economy, the investment in an innovative talent, innovative team, innovative company, innovative city, and innovative country, the valuation of creating worldwide first-level competitiveness value, is the corresponding estimation of the performance of the international chief innovation officer capital(ICINO Capital) at each level in the future.


    So, what is the assessment index for international chief innovation officer capital(ICINO Capital)?


    This article briefly analyzes the International Chief Innovation Officer Index(ICINO Index) as an innovation tool for accumulating ICINO capital and reaping the maximum value return in the global innovation economy, and as an innovation policy tool for driving the development of the innovation economy.

    本文简析国际首席创新官指数(ICINO Index) 在全球创新经济中,为前瞻积累首创资本收获最大价值回报提供一种创新专业工具,为驱动创新经济发展提供一种创新政策工具。

Raising Question问题提出

    Innovation economy is based on the innovation capacity of talents to generate and realize new ideas, products, and services, thus driving development. Innovation investment requires the circulation of the value chain of emerging economic prospects (such as innovative projects created by innovative talents) to reflect and reap high-value capital growth. High-value capital growth drives high consumption, high consumption contributes to high tax revenue, high tax revenue ensures the well-being of the national economy and the people, high well-being lays the foundation for the innovation vitality of talents, forming a virtuous cycle of sustainable development of the innovation economy.


    Top-notch innovative talents may find it difficult to produce world-class results in certain countries, while some innovative talents can create world-class results in a new environment, which reflects the mutual influence between innovative talents and the innovation ecosystem.


    If a country lacks innovative talents or the quality of the innovation chain is not high, then not only is there a lack of valuable pathways for a large amount of capital in the domestic market, making it difficult to enter a virtuous cycle of high capital appreciation, but it is also difficult to attract international innovation investment and create a world-class quantity and quality of wealth for the economy.


    So, what are the ICINO capitals that allow individuals, organizations, companies, cities, and countries to grow from 0 to 1 and become world-class? How are these ICINO capitals identified, evaluated, and invested in to yield the greatest value return before they are widely known to the public?


    This is not simply a matter of smart individuals, prestigious universities, renowned companies, and top investment groups, or a developed country environment that can determine their ability to successfully create various first-mover advantage values. As a result, there are many cases of missed investments in great innovators, and there are also many huge economic losses due to a lack of professional analysis and evaluation of investment capabilities in innovation.


    Based on the above issues, this article explores the International Chief Innovation Officer Index(ICINO Index) as an analytical and evaluative tool for ICINO capital in the global innovation economy and as a professional tool for innovation and innovation policy tools for investment.

    本文基于以上问题,探索国际首席创新官指数(ICINO Index) 作为全球创新经济中对国际首席创新官资本投资的一种分析与评估的创新专业工具和创新政策工具。


    The International Chief Innovation Officer Index (ICINO Index) is an indicator that analyzes, evaluates, and ranks the capital value of chief innovation officers around the world. It is an indicator that comprehensively reflects the situation of the Chief Innovation Officer in the global innovation economy. It measures the quality of the Chief Innovation Officer by calculating the rate of change of the Chief Innovation Officer’s 0-1 elements in the global innovation ecosystem, thereby indirectly reflecting the Chief Innovation Officer’s international competitiveness and investment value level.

    国际首席创新官指数(ICINO Index)是一项对全球首席创新官的资本价值进行分析、评估、排名的指标。它是综合反映首席创新官在全球创新经济中情况的指标。它通过计算首席创新官的首创元素在全球创新生态系统中的变化率,来衡量首席创新官的优劣程度,从而间接反映出首席创新官的国际竞争能力和投资价值水平。


    The calculation principle of the ICINO Index is based on the chief innovation capital baseline of the year, with the 0-1 elements of the Chief Innovation Officer as the base, and the overall level is calculated by weighted exponential calculation.

     国际首席创新官指数(ICINO Index) 的计算原则是基于当年首创基线,以首席创新官各项首创元素为底,以加权的幂计算出整体水平。

    The 0-1 element is based on the “Yuan Zhi Jing X” framework model, with nine modules, three levels for each module, and 9-12 model parameters for each level, totaling 9*3*(9-12)=243-324 model parameters, each model parameter is divided into five levels of value.


    The 0-1 weight is regulated according to the annual changes in the 0-1 value of the nine modules under different macro conditions.


    For example, the”Zi Dao” module of “Yuan Zhi Jing X” has an 0-1 element to create an ecosystem for achieving each unique self-characteristic, divided into three levels: junior, middle, and senior, with 11 model parameters for each level. The total weight of the nine modules is 1, and the weight of the ‘Zi Dao’ module is 0.15.”


    The calculation formula is as follows:


    Among them, CICB is the chief innovation capital baseline, X is the total value of each module of “Yuan Zhi Jing X”, and W is the 0-1 weight of each module.


    To calculate the ICINO capital of an individual, one would compute that person’s ICINO INDEX. For an organization, a company, a city, or a country, the total ICINO capital value is calculated by summing up the ICINO INDEX values of all individuals who possess it.

    一个人的国际首创资本价值,则计算该个人的ICINO INDEX,一个组织、一个公司、一个城市、一个国家的国际首创资本总价值则累加计算拥有ICINO INDEX的个人。


    The ICINO Index is essentially an ICINO capital credit, a contract about ICINO value, a solidified symbol of innovation civilization, and an image of innovation civilization.



    The ICINO Index has contractual effectiveness and contractual value, universality, and flexibility.



   As an innovation economy variable, the ICINO Index reveals the innovative economic trends of individuals, organizations, companies, cities, and countries, and guides the direction of international innovation investment and the allocation of international innovation resources by regulating the overall level of the ICINO Index.



   The ICINO Index has the same use value and exchange value as commodities. When in different value movements, the functions it exhibits are not the same: the ICINO value scale, the ICINO circulation methods, the ICINO financing methods, the ICINO capital accumulation methods, and the ICINO credit assets.


   ICINO value scale: as an index to measure ICINO value and potential for sustainable ICINO development in international innovation employment, innovation entrepreneurship, and innovation investment. ICINO circulation method: The circulation evaluation index of regional ordinary talent and ICINO talent. ICINO financing methods: 0-1 projects financing for ICINOs, ICINO policy funds support, ICINO capital credit loans and other evaluation indexes. ICINO capital accumulation method: Upgrading from ordinary human capital to ICINO capital accumulation index. ICINO credit assets: ICINO credit index for innovation education, innovation employment, innovation entrepreneurship, and innovation investment on a global scale.


Influence Factor影响因素

    The ICINO Index is affected by the scarcity of supply, value differences, and circulation barriers. The core influencing factors of the ICINO Index include 0-1 culture, 0-1 education, 0-1 skills, 0-1 experience, 0-1 investment, 0-1 health, 0-1 environment, and 0-1 policies. Since the main body of the ICINO Index is living people, it is influenced by macro factors such as society, economy, culture, and family, while micro factors depend on individual innate 0-1 spirit, 0-1 intelligence, 0-1 risk preference, 0-1 motivation, and 0-1 social interaction.



    Investing in the ICINO index of individuals, organizations, companies, cities, and countries directly gains ICINO capital appreciation. By investing in individuals or collectives with the ICINO index, one can obtain future market value returns that are ahead of others. The ICINO index provides an innovation tool for accumulating ICINO capital and an innovation policy tool for driving the development of the innovation economy.



    Please invest in an original element of your own ICINO Index.


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