ICINO Explore

ICINO Explore

Welcome to “ICINO Explore,” a live interview program that brings together a diverse array of innovation leaders to delve into new opportunities across various sectors. From researchers to business leaders, investors, and policy makers, our program aims to showcase the chief innovation in education, science and technology, business, investment, and governance. Join us as we uncover groundbreaking ideas and insights that are shaping the future of chief innovation.

Topic: Explore ICINO Index in different sectors and varied situations.

Goal: To provide valuable insights into chief innovation, exchange practical chief innovation strategies, and delve into the future of chief innovation.


  1. ICINO Index (15 minutes)
  2. ICINO Capital (15 minutes)
  3. ICINO AI xBot (15 minutes)

We welcome you to recommend guests or cooperate with us. For further information, please contact us via email explore@icinoia.org or Wechat: JoyICINO.