ICINO Capital

CINO Capital

Chief innovation capital(CINO Capital) refers to the sum of tangible and intangible asset values from 0 to 1 in each innovation stage of the innovation lifecycle, including 0-1 innovator capital (0-1 personality capital, 0-1 professional capital, 0-1 social capital), 0-1 knowledge assets, 0-1 information capital, 0-1 process capital, 0-1 venture capital, 0-1 experimental venue assets, and 0-1 policy pilot qualifications.

Among them, 0-1 personality capital refers to the 0-1 innovator culture, 0-1 innovator temperament, 0-1 innovator character, 0-1 innovator ideals, 0-1 innovator beliefs, 0-1 innovator motives, 0-1 innovator values, and 0-1 innovator constitution that support 0-1 innovation actions and thoughts; 0-1 innovation professional capital is the 0-1 innovation cognition, 0-1 innovation knowledge, 0-1 innovation skills, and 0-1 innovation abilities needed to create new economic value; 0-1 innovation social capital refers to the 0-1 innovation ecological resource network, including the structural dimension of 0-1 innovation relationship network connections and network constructions, the relationship dimension of 0-1 innovation trust, 0-1 innovation credit, 0-1 innovation recognition, 0-1 innovation expectations, 0-1 innovation norms, 0-1 innovation rules, 0-1 innovation identity, and 0-1 innovation identification, and the cognitive dimension of 0-1 innovation common language and 0-1 innovation narrative forming 0-1 innovation common understanding.

chief innovation capital + 0-1 risk cost = chief innovation investment. The total sum of trial and error costs in the 0-1 innovation lifecycle is the 0-1 risk cost.

ICINO Capital

The international chief innovation capital(ICINO Capital) refers to CINO Capital of an international innovation ecosystem.

This perspective highlights the pivotal role that innovation plays on a global scale and emphasizes the interconnectedness of innovation efforts across borders. As the CINO Capital of an international innovation ecosystem, ICINO Capital would be at the forefront of driving collaboration, knowledge sharing, and investment in innovative technologies and startups worldwide. By fostering cross-border partnerships and leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise, ICINO Capital can help accelerate the pace of innovation and contribute to the growth and development of a truly global innovation economy. It’s an exciting vision that underscores the importance of thinking globally to drive impactful innovation initiatives.

ICINO Capital Fund

ICINO Capital Fund is a social innovation responsibility plan which supports ICINOs’ development to lead a high quality innovation economy.

The fund covers the following major areas :ICINO Index, ICINO Capital, ICINO education, ICINO evaluation, ICINO innovation, ICINO venture, ICINO wellbeing, and any unique proposals related to ICINO.

The application procedure will be leaded by the ICINO Capital committee after receiving an application by email: capital@icinoia.org.