The International Chief Innovation Officer Industry Association (ICINOIA) is a membership organization that upholds goodness, impartiality, etiquette, intelligence, and truth as the fundamental values of its innovation culture. Its main objective is to support individuals dedicated to the innovation economy worldwide. ICINOIA collaborates with innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, and more to create a global innovation ecosystem that fosters the growth of the international chief innovation officer strategic emerging industry. With members from around the world, ICINOIA caters to a diverse range of customers, including higher educational institutions, companies, venture capital firms, industry funds, and governments.

The main services provided by ICINOIA encompass ICINO LAB, ICINO Explore, ICINO Index, ICINO Capital, ICINO Education, ICINO Certification, ICINO Publication, ICINO Challenge, ICINO Policy, and ICINO Life.

ICINOIA recognizes its social responsibility to finance the ICINOIA mission, which involves merging social and government funds to create a brighter future for innovation. The fund covers the following major areas :ICINO Index, ICINO Capital, ICINO education, ICINO evaluation, ICINO innovation, ICINO venture, ICINO wellbeing, and any unique proposals related to ICINO.

For general questions or information, please email: info@icinoia.org or call +442037728018. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM every country, or by appointment.

ICINOIA Honorary Advisory Board

Hou Guoqiang(University of Cambridge)    Chen Sujuan(Tsinghua PBCSF)

ICINOIA Leadership


Zhao Xiahui

Orton Southgate Suite 100 12 Manasty Rd, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK, PE2 6UP

Vice President

Muna Bughaith

Kings College London, strand, London, UK, WC2R 2LS

Other vice presidents are nominating globally for 2024 year.

ICINOIA Council Members

Darryl Commins, Pauric Mc Gowan

Ulster University, 2-24 York Street, Belfast, UK, BT15 1AP

Suzanne Hill

Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, MA 02163

Johannes Guggemos

Invest in Ireland, Iveagh House, 80 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, D02 VY53

Other council members are nominating globally for 2024 year

ICINOIA Committees

The ICINO Industry Association encourages members to participate in its committees:

The ICINO Nominating Committee nominates candidates for ICINOIA officers and council.

The ICINO LAB Committee establishes global innovation ecosystems to develop the ICINO industry economy.

The ICINO Index Committee conducts research on the ICINO index across various industries, with the aim of publishing the 《ICINO Index》.

The ICINO Capital Committee oversees the association’s fundraising campaigns and additional initiatives aimed at expanding the endowment, advancing research in the ICINO capital field, and supporting projects aligned with the strategic plan and the association’s mission. Additionally, the committee is responsible for disseminating research and initiatives through the publication 《ICINO Capital》.

The ICINO Academic Committee enhances the innovation capabilities of educational institutions in terms of research, teaching, and learning, with a forward-looking approach. This committee strives to emphasize the significance of ICINO in promoting innovation within educational settings.

The ICINO Certification Committee evaluates and certifies ICINOs.

The ICINO Professionals Committee develops ICINOs’ career path in every industry, organization, government.

The ICINO Policy Committee incubates new policies in the world.

The ICINO Economy Committee investigates the theories and experiments of various ICINO economies across the globe. Its main objective is to publish research and initiatives within the 《ICINO Industry Economy》.

The ICINO Membership Committee serves to review and enhance membership opportunities and membership structures.

The ICINO Challenge Committee hosts the competition.

The ICINO Industry Forum assists the association in maintaining close ties with members, regional and national and international groups affiliated with the ICINOIA.