Call for Donation

We appreciate your support for the development of ICINO industry!

ICINO, this novel concept encompasses brand new avenues for innovation in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, investment, and policy, albeit with both apparent and hidden challenges. To ensure a seamless innovation journey, it is crucial to possess not only professional innovation skills but also the means to invest in desired ventures. The result of such innovation endeavors will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of our society. As members of this society, each individual has the chance to embrace a more enriched and innovative life.

ICINOIA recognizes the importance of fostering the ICINO industry and promoting its growth. We are committed to investing in intellectual capital and funds to support this cause. Nevertheless, it is evident that we require additional support from stakeholders within the global innovation ecosystem. Let us unite and work together to create a brighter future for innovation.

For detailed information on the donation procedure, please contact, as it is overseen by the ICINO Capital Committee.