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100 CINO Prompts for ICINO AI Ebot

We have developed 100 prompts specifically designed for Chief Innovation Officers (CINOs) to spearhead innovation in innovation entrepreneurship.

The 100 CINO prompts are divided into three sections:

  1. ICINO Model Canvas: It provides CINOs with a comprehensive understanding of 10 modules of the ICINO Model Canvas and encourages flexibility in its application in innovation entrepreneurship.
  2. Career: The framework outlines 12 key components of a CINO career, providing a roadmap to becoming an outstanding Chief Innovation Officer within innovation enterprises.
  3. General: This enables CINOs to gain a comprehensive understanding of innovation within innovation enterprises.

The 100 CINO prompts are available in both English and Chinese, which may result in different responses in certain situations. To effectively manage this flexibility, please join our member group to learn and practice.

The prompts for ICINO AI Ebot are updated weekly. Please visit our website for the latest information.

To download the file, please subscribe to the ICINO AI Ebot membership.

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