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The ICINO Model Canvas of a Government

ICINO Model Canvas

Zhao Xiahui developed the ICINO Model Canvas to provide a comprehensive understanding of a CINO in the global innovation ecosystem. This model consists of 10 modules as follows:

The Case Study of ICINO Model Canvas

Here’s an example of how the ICINO Model Canvas can be applied in a government.

Title: Developing innovation economy Designer: Zhao Xiahui Date: 3th July, 2022 Version: V1.0

  1. Who
    • Leader in building an innovative government public service system that promotes sustainable innovation economy.
    • A. Innovation ecosystem architect: Planning a technology-supported innovation economy ecosystem.
    • B. Innovation culture reformer: Breaking traditional bureaucratic habits, cultivating innovation awareness in government public services.
    • C. Innovation advocate: Daring to be the first, breaking through outdated thinking and tools, driving other governments to participate innovation collaboratively, and setting advanced benchmarks in the global government public service system.
    • D. Innovation methods researcher: Learning from the best business service and management concepts, engaging in human-centered design practices, forming teams that can dialogue with governors, governor teams, and cross-institutional teams to advance priority issues in government core policies, engaging with the public to truly understand their needs and address their most pressing concerns at every stage of their lives.
    • E. Innovation mentor: Guiding innovation management teams and leading teams in collaborative innovation with other governments.
    • F. Innovation investment and financing consultant: Introducing millions to develop community colleges, enhance the development capacity of innovation ecosystem elements; introducing millions for innovation and modernization tool development and training services to elevate innovation management capabilities.
  2. Benchmarks
    • ISO56002
    • GII
    • International and domestic standards in the policy field.
    • Chief Innovation Officer of developed governments.
    • ICINO  Model Canvas.
  3. Customers
    • Governor and its leadership collective.
    • Chief Innovation Officer management team.
    • Government public service departments.
    • State innovators, innovation enterprises, citizens, community colleges, educational institutions, investors, non-profit organizations/donors.
    • Other collaborative innovation governments.
  4. Key Responsibilities
    • Cultivation of innovation culture: changing bureaucratic habits, expanding the innovation activities of government, enterprises, investors, and people, and promoting the development of innovation economy.
    • Innovation strategy planning: focusing on the development of innovation economy, formulating innovation strategies and leading their implementation.
    • Establishment of innovation management team: setting up innovation management teams from top (state government) to bottom (community, enterprises, individuals), as well as teams collaborating with other states for innovation.
    • Construction of innovation management system: building public service innovation organizational structure, establishing a chief innovation officer team to collaborate with government departments, people, and state enterprises for innovation. Developing tools and information technology platforms with dialogue capabilities.
    • Construction of innovation capability system: developing innovative thinking and professional capabilities of the management team, scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and establishing a system for innovation education and training courses at community colleges.
    • Development of new policy ideas: drawing on the best business service and management concepts, engaging in dialogue with the public, collecting and aggregating inspiration for new policy demands, and organizing chief innovation officer teams to explore new policies.
    • Opportunity identification: recognizing that a good government public service platform is necessary for driving the development of innovation economy, and that the development of innovation economy can also better support the management and development of chief innovation officers, thereby enhancing the government’s public service innovation capabilities and becoming a leader and benchmark for governance and good interaction with government, people, and economy at a domestic and even international level.
    • Incubation of innovation achievements: leading the entire process of forming creative ideas for new policy demands, identifying opportunities, developing public service information systems, and releasing them as public service platforms.
    • Innovation investment and financing: introducing millions to enhance community talent value creation capabilities, and another millions to improve levels of innovation and modern tools.
    • Construction of innovation ecosystem network: linking all the innovation resources and elements in the state (such as the best businesses, educational institutions, innovative talents, investors, and donors) with those of other states to build a cross-state collaborative innovation ecosystem network.
  5. Requirements
    • Advanced innovation degree, advanced public administration degree. 
    • Advanced innovation project experience: at least 5 years of senior leadership experience in public service innovation, with a deep understanding of government public service characteristics. 
    • Cross-industry innovation project experience: such as leading innovation projects in government, businesses, universities, and social organizations. 
    • Have experience in innovation investment, or experience collaborating with innovation investment institutions. 
    • Have a strong sense of public service awareness and resource organization ability, as well as risk management capabilities. 
    • Possess foresight, courage, adaptability to change, and resilience. 
    • Obtain certification in professional training and assessment for Chief Innovation Officer.
  6. Innovation Processes
    • Strategic innovation process: Leading innovation economy development strategies.
    • Innovation management process: Public service innovation management.
    • Organizational innovation process: The first Chief Innovation Officer appointed by the state government needs to build innovation management organizational structure and work processes, collaborative innovation mechanisms.
    • Human resources innovation process: Recruitment, training, and evaluation processes for the Chief Innovation Officer and various collaborative innovation positions.
    • Policy innovation process: Optimization and upgrading of various policies and development of new policies.
    • Technological innovation process: Development and upgrade of government public service information technology platforms.
    • Service innovation process: Services for the implementation and operation of various policies.
    • Innovation investment process: Innovation investment to promote innovation economy development.
  7. Innovation Resources
    • Policy support for innovation in the state, as well as collaborative innovation with other states. 
    • State Chief Innovation Officer managing team. 
    • Special funds for state innovation development. 
    • State innovation pilot bases, equipment, and information systems. 
    • Innovation experts in various industry sectors. 
    • Collaborative innovation ecosystem network in the state and other states.
  8. Innovation OKRs
    • Goal: Enhance the quantity and quality level of innovation economy by 10%. 
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  9. Development
    • State government innovation management career development pathway: innovation officer, innovation management supervisor, chief innovation officer.
    • Chief Innovation Officer of the national government.
    • International innovation professional degree continuing education.
    • Advisor to the ICINO LAB: Global Public Service Innovation Advisor.
  10. Revenue Structure
    • Salary, performance, annual bonus, benefits. 
    • Honor qualification: Chief Innovation Officer Award (monthly, annual). 
    • Professional skills, experience, and achievements in public service innovation management. 
    • State-level study tours and exchanges, international public service innovation forum exchanges. 
    • International Chief Innovation Officer Certificate. 
    • International and domestic public service innovation professional resource sharing (information, talent, projects, market, funds, policies).

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